Beekeeping Courses 2022

East Lothian Beekeepers association  run annual Beginners Classes. The classes cover the theoretical and practical basics of beekeeping and give a sound grounding for the new beekeeper. The classes are also a good place to meet other beginners.
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The course consists of 2 components: the theory sessions in evening classes and the practical sessions. on weekends – usually Saturday afternoons in May. It’s important to check you can make all the dates.

The course fee is £60 which includes;

  • 6 week course
  • Mentoring


Week 1.
Introduction; what is a honeybee, origins of bees; history of beekeeping, honey hunting, skeps, Langstroth; importance of beekeeping.
Week 2.
The colony; the queen, workers and drones; division of work within the hive;  individual life-cycles; pollination, nectar and honey; local forage crops.
Week 3.
The Hive; hive components; brood box; supers; different types of hive; practical – making frames.
Week 4.
The beekeeping year; preparation for winter; spring management, inspections,  summer build up; harvesting honey; wax, propolis and pollen; selling honey.
Week 5.
Pests and Diseases; pests; brood diseases; adult bee diseases; varroa; statutory requirements.
Week 6.
Swarms and the reason for swarming (causes, natural history, primary
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Terms & Conditions of booking
Payment for any courses must be made in full at the time of booking.

Bookings cancelled before the commencement of the course will receive a refund less a £10 admin fee.
Please take a covid test before each session.
Please do not attend if you have covid symptoms or test positive