Beekeeping Courses

2020 course are now fully booked

East Lothian Beekeepers association  run annual Beginners Classes. The classes cover the theoretical and practical basics of beekeeping and give a sound grounding for the new beekeeper. The classes are also a good place to meet other beginners.
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The course consists of 2 components: the theory sessions in evening classes and the practical sessions. on weekends – usually Saturday afternoons in May. It’s important to check you can make all the dates.

The course fee is £60 which includes;

  • One year membership of East Lothian Beekeepers’ Association – value £5
  • One year membership of the Scottish Beekeepers’ Association for one year. – value £30 – see membership details here
  • 6 week course
  • Mentoring


Week 1.
Introduction; what is a honeybee, origins of bees; history of beekeeping, honey hunting, skeps, Langstroth; importance of beekeeping.
Week 2.
The colony; the queen, workers and drones; division of work within the hive;  individual life-cycles; pollination, nectar and honey; local forage crops.
Week 3. 
The Hive; hive components; brood box; supers; different types of hive; practical – making frames.
Week 4. 
The beekeeping year; preparation for winter; spring management, inspections,  summer build up; harvesting honey; wax, propolis and pollen; selling honey.
Week 5.
Pests and Diseases; pests; brood diseases; adult bee diseases; varroa; statutory requirements.
Week 6.
Swarms and the reason for swarming (causes, natural history, primary
Available dates

There are 2 beginners courses this year,

Session 1.  FEBRUARY
Location: Haddington
Course: Beekeeping for beginners
Evening: Mondays 7pm to 9pm
Dates: 3rd Feb to 9th March
Class size 15, spaces available 10
Fee: £60


Location: Gilmerton Walled Garden
Course: Beekeeping for beginners
Afternoon: 2pm to 4pm 
Dates: Sunday 26th April to 31st May
Class size 10, spaces available 5
Fee: £60

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Terms & Conditions of booking
Payment for any courses must be made in full at the time of booking.

Bookings cancelled more than one month before the commencement of the course will receive a refund less a £10 admin fee. Less than one month no refund will be payable. If the cancelled course can be resold then a refund may be payable, less a £10 admin fee.