2019 Beekeeping Courses

East Lothian Beekeepers association  run annual Beginners Classes. The classes cover the theoretical and practical basics of beekeeping and give a sound grounding for the new beekeeper. The classes are also a good place to meet other beginners.

The course consists of 2 components: the theory sessions and the practical sessions, on weekends - usually Saturday afternoons in May. It's important to check you can make all the dates. 
Choose February or April.

Winter: Haddington Town House NOW FULL

Spring: Gilmerton Walled Garden NOW FULL
Taster Day - 1 Day introduction to beekeeping space available here

The course fee is £60 which includes;

  • One year membership of East Lothian Beekeepers’ Association - value £5
  • One year membership of the Scottish Beekeepers' Association for one year. - value £30 - see membership details here
  • 6 week course
  • Mentoring

Limited to 20 places per session

Book a place for the winter course £60


Week 1.

Introduction; what is a honeybee, origins of bees; history of beekeeping,

honey hunting, skeps, Langstroth; importance of beekeeping.

Week 2.

The colony; the queen, workers and drones; division of work within the

hive; individual lifecycles; pollination, nectar and honey; local forage


Week 3.  

The Hive; hive components; brood box; supers; different types of hive;

practical - making frames.

Week 4. 

The beekeeping year; preparation for winter; spring management,

inspections, summer build up; harvesting honey; wax, propolis and

pollen; selling honey.

Week 5.

Pests and Diseases; pests; brood diseases; adult bee diseases; varroa;

statutory requirements.

Week 6.

Swarms and the reason for swarming (causes, natural history, primary

and casts); swarm control; swarm collection.