Association Honey Show on 24th January 2019

Don't forget to wash and polish your jars, hunt around for that perfect frame of honey and strain your wax to help ensure the best entry in the Association Honey Show on 24th January 2019. 

Schedule for entries is attached.  Submission of entries is from 7 pm to 7.30 pm.

While  the judging takes place the AGM will be held followed by the presentation of the cups.

Your committee have managed to source bee fondant from Fondabee at a competitive price of £16 per box which contain 12 x 1 kg packs.  Let me know if you would like to purchase a box.  If 12 kgs are too much for you, buddy up with others and share a box.

East Lothian Beekeepers’ Association
Honey Show Schedule

Class 1: 1 x 1lb jar of light blossom honey
Class 2: 1 x 1lb jar of medium blossom honey
Class 3: 1 x 1lb jar of dark blossom honey
Class 4: 1 x 1lb soft set or creamed honey
Class 5: 1 x 1lb jar heather honey
Class 6: 1 piece of cut comb honey, blossom or heather (approx. 8 oz)
Class 7: 1 x shallow frame of blossom or heather honey
Class 8: 1 x piece of beeswax (8 – 12 oz)
Class 9: 3 pieces of beeswax (may not be matching) can include candles or other
moulded items