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Sun, 6 January 2019

East Lothian Beekeepers association  run annual beginners classes in East Lothain. The classes cover the theoretical and practical basics of beekeeping and give a sound grounding for the new beekeeper. The classes are also a good place to meet other...

Tue, 1 January 2019

Don't forget to wash and polish your jars, hunt around for that perfect frame of honey and strain your wax to help ensure the best entry in the Association Honey Show on 24th January 2019. 

Schedule for entries is attached. ...

Sun, 11 June 2017

Found a bee nest in your garden?

How to identify: the Tree Bumblebee
Scientific name: Bombus hypnorum

Why are we looking for it?

It’s been a decade since the Tree Bumblebee arrived in the...

Thu, 9 April 2015

Find your local beekeeper here

Tue, 7 April 2015

Ever seen a blue banded bee? This is native to Australia and in a buzz pollinator. This means they get flowers to release pollen by vibrating their wings.