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East Lothian offers a very rich landscape for bees (and beekeepers) with its relatively warm and sunny climate and its fertile soils. The varied flora includes lime trees planted in the grounds of many old estates, and an abundance of heather across the Lammermuirs.

A Beekeepers Association was first founded in East Lothian in 1887 due to the efforts of the Reverend John Kerr of Dirleton who got things going with a letter to the Haddingtonshire Courier. This slightly predates formation of the Scottish Beekeepers Association, and it is possible that the East Lothian Association is the earliest Scottish local Association still in existence. However, the first Association seems to have quickly lapsed, being reformed in 1946 with a membership that soon exceeded 150. These high numbers were partly due to the fact that beekeepers were allowed extra sugar at a time when sugar was strictly rationed; these numbers were not sustained when rationing ceased. However, in the last decade there has been a resurgence of interest in beekeeping and the Association is blossoming once more with membership now at its highest level for twenty years.

Through the winter months, when the bees are quiet, the Association runs a varied lecture program, a beginner's class and an annual dinner. The Association has a growing library of beekeeping books and owns an electrical honey extractor. In the spring and summer, events move outside with practical training at the Association apiary. There are also visits to members' apiaries around East Lothian where, once the bees have been properly inspected, veils and gloves are dispensed with and everyone tucks into afternoon tea – with plenty of honey for the scones of course! Anyone interested in joining the Association should click here.

We organise a  beekeeping display annually for the Haddington Show.

We have a small (but increasing) library of beekeeping books available for borrowing by members.

Lectures and training meetings are held through the winter.

A newsletter is produced every few months advertising forthcoming events, sales of bees and equipment and general information. 

We have an annual 'honey competition' at the Gifford Show.